Nowadays, software solutions that support business operations such as accounting software, human resources management software, etc. are popularly used among enterprises. However, there remains a shortage of solutions that run in a fast, accurate, efficient and cost-saving manner for those active in freight transport and goods delivery.

Such enterprises are facing the difficulties as follows:



Spending a lot of time using manual methods to manage goods

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The data obtained is inaccurate and difficult to manage

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Unable to track the journey of cargo transported



The cost of paperwork and losses of goods

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Order History

Unable to track customers’ transaction history

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Human resources

Unable to efficiently exploit delivery resources (staff, facilities, time ...) EDelivery solution was brought to life to address all of the above-mentioned difficulties and satisfy all of customers’ needs.

What Are the Benefits of eDelivery to Customers?

eDelivery solution is a delivery management software solution and it can be used to manage the distribution of goods to places of consumption. Enterprises can employ it in service of internal transportation. This software is especially useful to the units specializing in freight transport and warehousing.

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Systemize the management of goods delivery to customers

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Optimization of business operations

Save time and costs in business operations

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Save time

Shorten delivery time, go beyond customer’s expectations

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Easy to use and run wherever you go

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Human resource management

Manage staff and delivery schedule, optimize human resources and transportation vehicles

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Automatic system

the automatic ordering system

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Visual reporting system with high accuracy

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Easily integrated with other systems such as ERP, WMS, DMS ... To many enterprises, freight forwarding is one of the most important business operations for it brings them competitive edges in today’s market. eDelivery solution that enables fast and timely management, cost reduction and brings about customer satisfaction will create a solid foundation for enterprises.

eDelivery – Market Segment


Revenue report

Quickly set up the system of revenue reporting on a daily or quarterly basis.


Accounting reports

Synthesize invoices and receipts and make reports quickly and accurately.


Detailed management of orders

Manage customer information, goods to be delivered, delivery locations, and shipping costs. Manage geographic information of sales areas. Manage products according to their physical and financial characteristics. Manage customer information, including customer groups, delivery addresses, and taxes.


Delivery management

Control delivery routes, delivery to end customers. Check, confirm orders and manage all of the components involved in a certain order, including prepared goods (new, in stock or out of stock).


Inventory management

It’s easy to check goods received and sent. Manage inventory and give priority to available-to-sale goods. Manage the quantity and value of goods sold. Manage goods recipient and the process of goods issue: time, destination, and reason. Manage money transfer process: time, place and reasons.


Staff management

Manage and control the performance of employees of different levels, from office workers to sales staff and transport staff.