Why CLOUD ERP? Let’s explore the TWO IMPORTANT DISCRUPTIONS that influence and change today’s production and business activities:


1. Internet & Cloud Computing:

Completely change the way we interact:

The very first important discruption to mention is the launch of the Internet and Cloud Computing that have changed our way of interaction in the business world. All activities, from purchase, shipping, billing to payment, are done automatically and online between enterprises and their customers, partners, consumers in just a few minutes instead of several days as before.

This online environment also encourages and strengthens enterprises’ involvement in the supply chain and collaboration with their customers.

Change the way we work: The Internet has undoubtedly changed the way we work. We’re living in a mobile society where we can access our system and data everywhere, anytime, on any device.

2.  Adaptability of ERP:

Various functions at a reasonable cost:

The second major breakthrough is the emergence of business management software solutions that prove efficient, especially ERP solutions.

Nowadays, the customers with moderate budget can get access to high-end ERP features that used to be available to large companies. It’s owing to affordable cost of the software solution.

The total cost of using ERP has gone down significantly:

In recent years, the total cost of using ERP software has dropped dramatically thanks to the appearance of hosting and especially SaaS (Software as a Service – where customers don’t have to  invest in infrastructure and pay monthly license fees, but pay fees according to actual number of users.)

Necessity of integrated applications:

Integrated applications have become necessary in today’s business context, and they are available at reasonable prices.

What’s more, in today’s business world, enterprises are running into a serious problem so-called DISCONNECTED DATA AND BUSINESS.

The Difficulties Arising From The Problem Of DISCONNECTED DATA AND BUSINESS Enterprises Are Facing

This is the problem most of the enterprises are encountering nowadays. In fact, enterprises employ different kinds of software for their departments, which results in unconnected data and workflows as well as the risks of data redundancy and errors. Also, using applications and software in traditional ways (off-line and on-premise) makes it difficult to connect offices, factories, and employees together, hinders interaction with customers and partners.

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Overlapping, repeated data

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Incorrect information

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Information is not shared between departments, branches...

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Many kinds of software to learn and update...

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Higher maintenance and upgrade costs...

Cloud ERP, a modern ERP system, will thoroughly deal with the above-mentioned challenges and difficulties. It will integrate all of these isolated applications into a single unified business management system. Acumatica Cloud ERP solution was created for this purpose.

Cloud ERP Acumatica is an all-in-one Cloud ERP solution for your enterprises. It helps you with financial, warehousing, manufacturing, sales, project management, CRM and more.

Cloud ERP Acumatica is based on the world's best mobile and cloud computing technologies. Consisting of integrated applications, it offers enterprises great ERP and CRM solutions. Specifically, it helps streamline and optimize processes to fit all of business operations, thus giving a boost to business growth. Each integrated application is fully adaptable to the mobile platform, so accessible from anywhere on any device at any time. Cloud ERP Acumatica offers flexible license and deployment options and can be well adapted to business changes and growth.


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Instant update across the system

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Consistent data, only one version

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Improve work efficiency

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Easy and less costly maintenance

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Convenience, accessible anytime, anywhere




10. Financial Management-01

Financial Management

From on-line accounting for smaller local businesses to feature-rich global financial applications for larger, complex businesses, these accounting applications are designed to grow with you and support your needs today and in the future.

11.Distribution Edition

Distribution Edition

Manage quotes and orders, track inventory, automate purchasing, and improve customer service. Acumatica Distribution Management is fully integrated with CRM, financials, manufacturing and project accounting for visibility across the entire organization

12.Customer Management

Customer Management

Includes standard CRM functionality for managing leads, contacts, opportunities, and more. In addition, post-sales service and customer portals help improve the total customer experience

13. data analysis

Reporting, Dashboards, and Data Analysis Toolkit

Gain greater insights into your organization with self-service tools from Acumatica to generate reports and analyze trends easily and in real time.


Project Accounting

Know the actual costs of internal or external projects. Manage budgeting, time sheets, project inventory, and complex billing. Project reporting lets you compare actual project costs with original and revised budgets using visual dashboards.

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Manufacturing Edition

Integrate production planning, material purchasing and shop floor scheduling with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, and accounting for real-time coordination of multi-plant activities.

15.Field Service Edition-01

Field Service Edition

Service Management tracks and optimizes every process of your field services operations. Service orders, appointments, contracts, warranties, routes, staff skills, equipment capabilities, preventative maintenance schedules, and a drag-and-drop dispatch board are all available

16. Commerce Edition-01

Commerce Edition

Deliver a consistent customer experience across all your sales channels with full integration between your online, mobile, and in-store service.

17.Construction Editon-01

Construction Edition

Improve margins and project control from estimating through close out on construction projects using construction accounting software from Acumatica.